Musings and Other Odd Ideas

I've been meaning to ask everyone something lately, but just haven't really gotten around to it.  You know, what with all the weird winter weather, snow days, make up days, power outages, moving in the middle of winter stuff, things have just completely gotten out of hand!  Anyway - you simply cannot change the weather,… Continue reading Musings and Other Odd Ideas

Do What You Love: Great Advice or Not?

Do what you love.  Great advice.  Impossible advice, still great advice.  The purpose of the advice is to encourage people to seek out employment in positions that make them feel fulfilled.  Doing something that you love for a living is what the ultimate goal for any person who is working for a living.  However, we… Continue reading Do What You Love: Great Advice or Not?

Thoughts on Winter 2019

If you ask anyone who lives within a 20 mile radius they will tell you how cold it is here in Illinois. They will also tell you how bad the roads are and how the schools are closed. You will also probably get a dissertation on global warming/climate change or if you are really lucky,… Continue reading Thoughts on Winter 2019

Time After Time

I don't want to know that much about Business Administration.  Unfortunately, due to my vast amount of experience I do know "that much" about Business Administration.  I wonder?  Does it ever go away?  I'm sure that some of the skills must fade and disappear after not being utilized, but does the knowledge of all that… Continue reading Time After Time

Little House on the River

Jerry bought us a little house.  We'll be moving this weekend.  Yay for moving in the middle of winter!  Always extremely fun to be moving things into a home when it's below freezing and there is a ton of snow on the ground!  If we are lucky, maybe we'll even get freezing rain on the… Continue reading Little House on the River

Old Dog Got Older

Well, after many posts warning you, I finally did it.  I turned 50.  November 30th.  The Big 5-0.  My people suprised me with a visit from my oldest son - yes, I cried like a baby.  The love I felt was immense!  I think that was the best part of turning 50!  I enjoyed every… Continue reading Old Dog Got Older