Spring, Stuff & Space

Today is a rainy day.  Today is also the first day of Spring.  Today I'm filled with hope, trepidation and wonder.  All those feelings - all at once.  I'm feeling like I have just lived through a massive storm and the bits and pieces that have scattered are starting to settle at the bottom of… Continue reading Spring, Stuff & Space

Evicted Demons & Lessons Learned

Every day I learn something new.  Sometimes by error, sometimes by thought, sometimes by reading, but sometimes I learn by the world crumbling around me.  From the ashes, the best lessons can be learned. One of my very favorite quotes is "I can't know what I don't know."  Think about that for a second and… Continue reading Evicted Demons & Lessons Learned

Mental Mettle, Music and Me

Starting a weekend on a cloudy, windy, semi-cold spring day in March doesn't bode well for my mental state.  I like sunny starts to the weekend.  I guess everyone does, but with all the false starts over the past few months we truly deserve some sunshine.  St. Pat's Day weekend this weekend and it's going… Continue reading Mental Mettle, Music and Me

Rocks, Clocks, Hard Places & Epiphanies

I'm finding that I search the internet for very odd things these days.  Aside from the normal best places to receive life coaching certification or "how to organize your bathroom" sites, I'm checking out "What the hell do I do now that I'm 50?" and "How do I change really bad habits?"  I'm also trolling… Continue reading Rocks, Clocks, Hard Places & Epiphanies

Walking fine lines and stepping on eggshells

I'm definitely what one would call a "bull in a china shop" kinda gal.  Big, awkward and every time I make a move I manage to shatter something precious to someone.  I don't do this intentionally.  I'm just made this way.  I'm a bull.  Not a bully.  I wouldn't hurt a soul - unless they… Continue reading Walking fine lines and stepping on eggshells

Universal Changes

There's a time in everyone's life when they question pretty much everything about their existence.  I guess my time has come.  I sat in a meeting the other day and listened to my co-workers talk to one another and about one another.  I could sense how each of them are intricately and emotionally connected to… Continue reading Universal Changes