Blogging 101: Reasons for Blogging

Anyone who has been following me and my blog since the beginning is aware that my writing is about ME.  My intentions are to share my experiences and thoughts on things as I take my journey through life.  I hope to create thoughtful conversations and maybe even help someone who may be going through the same difficulties (or celebrate triumphs!!) that I’m going through at this stage in my life.  You’ve all seen me through a tough teenager, mentalpause, horrific marriage, divorce then nightmare dating!  Then you’ve read me through losses and some “crazy” – moves, decorating, job changes, life changes, settling in a new home and now I’m learning more about myself and trying to love who I am.

My initial purpose for this blog was to write about the things I observe in my daily life and how I interpret them.  My intent isn’t to focus on any one person, unless I specifically tell you who I’m talking about (i.e. my Aunt, daughter, mother, Jerry, etc. – if you’ve been reading all along, you’ll know what I mean).  However, if by chance, someone sees themselves in my writing or identifies with something I’ve written, I can’t do anything about that.  That is called interpretation.

Conversely, I won’t change my words or filter my thoughts because someone misinterprets them.  As I stated earlier, I write about my interpretation of the world I see and live in.   I do have other hopes, dreams and wishes.  I have my own life separate from every other human being in the world.  My dear friends, everyone has his own life.  Everyone is allowed his own interpretation.  That is not for me to judge or change.  Just remember though, that it is not for anyone to change me either.  Someone once said to me, “Not everything is about you.”  So, perhaps, if someone were to read this and think, “This entire blog is about me!”  Stop for a minute and remember, “Not everything is about you.”  Then ask yourself why you think I would take so much trouble to write an entire blog about you ~ another person that I can’t know what you think or feel at any given time.  What would I gain from doing that?  Nothing.  That is why this blog is about ME.  Generally speaking, most writers write about the things they know.  Just so happens, I know how I think and feel ergo Old Dog, New Fish!

In a time of social change and technology, when people rarely talk to each other, I use this medium of blogging to reach out to people of like minds.  I’m trying to start thoughtful conversations and I hope that I do!  However, with that being said, if you don’t like my mind, don’t read my blog.

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