Thoughts on Winter 2019

If you ask anyone who lives within a 20 mile radius they will tell you how cold it is here in Illinois. They will also tell you how bad the roads are and how the schools are closed. You will also probably get a dissertation on global warming/climate change or if you are really lucky, a walk down memory lane to the worst winter ever – which was 1978, by the way. So, once again it’s winter in the Midwest. We experience winter every year and every year people seem surprised. “Why is it so cold?” Um, it’s winter??!!

For real though, these past few weeks have been extra special with all the broken records. No, not the TV meteorologists talking about the cold, snow and ice, but we’ve actually managed to break actual records on the cold and snow for the winter. Tomorrow temperatures are dipping to record lows and everyone is closing up shops, schools and courthouses! Really, things are going to be so cold that businesses are closing to keep their employees safe. Midwesterners are hardy folk, but apparently we understand dangerous temperatures when we see them, or rather, feel them!

People are posting all the safety notices on social media. How to keep your house from blowing all it’s water pipes. How to keep your pets from freezing to death. How long it takes for a child to get frostbite in these temps. What to do if you get stranded in a ditch. What roads are open, closed and passable. You name it. If you have never experienced cold weather, check out social media and you will learn all you will need to survive. I think there’s even a step-by-step video on how to make a heater out of a flowerpot – No, I’m not kidding.

As for me, I will be working when I can. Doing homework when I can. Unpacking boxes, cleaning and possibly even decorating a little bit at the new house – of course, when I can. I’ll be snuggled up with my Jerry and my Johnny Cash on the couch watching TV or reading (homework, of course!). Doing laundry, fixing up some food and daydreaming about spring.

I don’t like winter any more than the next guy, but I can’t change the weather. I can’t be so consumed by it that my life ceases to function. If the roads are terrible, then I don’t drive on them. If the temperatures are dangerous then I stay inside where it’s warm and safe. Common sense people. Complaining about the weather won’t stop it from happening and it most certainly won’t shorten the season. If anything, the more miserable a person is about the weather the longer it’s going to last for him. I know the season is a long one, a cold one, a dark one and a depressing one; but it’s a season. Seasons come and go every year. I guess that’s all I have to say about that.

We survived the Polar Vortex of January 2019 and are now facing the snow and ice of February 2019. Can’t seem to catch much of a break in the winter weather, but I suppose that’s what winter is. You never know what kind of season you are going to get. This year just happens to be particularly rotten. We will all survive and soon it will be over. Pretty much how the seasons work.


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