Little House on the River

Jerry bought us a little house.  We’ll be moving this weekend.  Yay for moving in the middle of winter!  Always extremely fun to be moving things into a home when it’s below freezing and there is a ton of snow on the ground!  If we are lucky, maybe we’ll even get freezing rain on the day we move in!  I love winter and all the unknowns it brings daily.  (blech) The forecast says below freezing and more snow, so definitely a move to remember. Woot.

Bright side: Jerr is happy that he’ll be closer to his job and not be on the road for so long every day; which means he’ll have more time to do the things he enjoys!  The little house is located in a little river town, so he can go fishing whenever his little heart desires and that’s one of the little things he loves in life almost as much as he loves me!  (see what I did there?)  My heart is so happy to see him looking forward to something!  This past year has been tough on him with all the hours of tough factory work and extra driving.  Not much time for fun or down time.  This will be such a great move for him…he deserves this.

In the meantime, it’s been back to work for me.  My plan for the Christmas break was to clean up the rental house and pack up our things; however, I didn’t do that.  I had some fun, read books, watched stuff on Netflix, played with my dog and slept and slept and slept…I was so happy then. *Sigh*

However,  this weekend after doing absolutely nothing on Saturday except watch 24 hours of “Arrested Development,” Sunday we finally got ourselves together and packed a shit ton of our crap.   Most of the kitchen stuff is packed, so are all the wall pictures and china cabinet stuff.  I gotta do the “clothes thing” next, but we ran out of boxes and bins – and to be honest – steam.  We ended up ordering pizza and watching football playoff games.  Well, sort of:  Jerry yelled at the games, I made fun of him and Miss Kay was very serious on very many topics.  My head was a flurry of activity – I wasn’t sure which way to turn!

Anyway, to be sure, I have no idea how this move is going to happen this weekend.  We have the trucks and our things will be ready to move.  Just, um, people don’t like helping me move anymore.  Poor Jerry.  He has to suffer the consequences of my poor choices.  I wish I knew some people that would help us move without making me feel bad.  I know, these people are called “movers”, but I don’t have the moolah to pay these “movers”. However, I can offer some cash, provide food and beer/pop plus offer my undying devotion, but we all know that doesn’t get much support in today’s market for moving me – AH-Gain! Honestly, asking for help with moving is really the worst favor to have to ask someone…no one wants to do it because it always sucks.  Again, poor Jerr.  By the way, I’m not hinting for help, just stating some proper facts here folks! We are a resourceful partnership and we do manage, so however long it takes – it will take.  As Jerry always says, “It is what it is – so be it.”  Pretty simple.  Pretty obvious why I love the guy so much!  Just sucks that the move is in the middle of January and the forecast is not looking very promising!

In the end, we will be fine.  We are really looking forward to living in our little house on the river.  Over the river and through the woods….and a couple streets, and down the block….

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