Square One?

Well, life is certainly challenging me this week.  I’m not down and out because we all know that I see every challenge and change as a chance for something better to happen!  However, universe needs to help me make up its mind on where we are headed!

I called my new job this week because I realized that the start date I gave them would not allow me any time to get my car serviced – the current piece of shit that is not behaving well that is my only source of transportation.  So, left a message that I needed to push back my start date one week.  I wanted to talk over a few other things, but never got the chance.  Instead, got a voicemail saying that my offer had been rescinded.

I’m not sure if I’m at square one because I did have another interview on Monday and I should hear from them next week.  That will start in May and take me through December.  Part time and a pretty cool opportunity.  Maybe I’m at Square two?

Then again, I did my FASFA today and re-applied to college for the fall semester.  FASFA revealed a very positive outcome and I believe that if things work out with job possibility #2 then full-time student status is in my future.  So?  Does that make it Square three?

Of course, I could just hole up for the remainder of this year and write the next NY Times Bestseller – Square four?  No one ever accused me of being a Negative Nelly….I’d say Nancy, but my friend Nancy just passed away and she was never negative…so Nelly it is.

Now I want to move and get a dog….and baby little doggie that will perch on my lap and love me all the time.  This little lappy doggie will go everywhere with me.  Puppers will not wear sweaters or weird hats nor will I put it in my purse (unless I have to).  I want a little muppet dog and I’m tired of people telling me I can’t have one or that they are stupid.

Moving – move where?  No clue.  This move is not on me this go round.  Now it really doesn’t matter where I go…I have no job.  I’m back to Square 2, 3 or 4.  Bankruptcy happens soon, so I’m literally at ground zero.  Nowhere to go but up right?  I feel like I’ve been saying that for quite awhile…I guess when the time is right all the stars will align and things will happen when they happen.

Could be that I’m just meant to win the lottery.  Who knows?  I did ask the universe to honor me with the big pay load and the Mega Mills is somewhere around $500mil.  Like my little cuz used to say “Hey!  I can dream, can’t I?”

Maybe I’ll get my taxidermied raccoon that looks furiously happy!  Or a ringtail…a real one that talks like King Julian. (If you don’t know who King Julian is we can’t be friends.) Or my lappy, puppy, muppet doggie…hey, I can dream, can’t I?

For now, I’ve got to shut this down.  Have to get a ham out of the oven – pack up the POS car and head south to meet the madre at the barely existing mall to rifle through closeout racks and shelves of zillions of possible purchases at the long forgotten JCP.  I’m so sad to see it leave our metropolis – it’s like the last of the old ones…like me…barely hanging in there in the midst of concrete walls and a sea of broken black pavement.  I can hear the ghost of Orange Julius moaning in the large cavernous space beyond the iron gate that separates the closing JCP and what’s left of the old mall.  Flashing before my eyes are my pre-teen and teen years of big hair and parachute pants, meeting at the mall, trying on clothes at Deb’s, buying cheap earrings at Claire’s and having someone’s parents pick us up at the movie entrance. (because we lied and said we were going to the movies to get money off our parents, but really we wanted to chase the fellas, try on clothes at Deb’s and buy cheap earrings at Claires’ that would make our ear lobes turn green or swell up.)  Sigh.  Square six.

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