Long story short – the condiment regiment was a drunken struggle between Jerry and the refrigerator door…apparently, the condiments and door won.  I loved that it wasn’t me and secretly relished in the magic that was Jerry’s storytelling regarding the whole event. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so animated!  He’s usually so calm and cool – but ask the guy to explain the condiment regiment?  Boy, howdy – what a tale of two Jerry’s!!!  First, there was something stuck in the door and he couldn’t find it, so he slammed the door.  This caused the first shelf of condiments to lose their place and tumble to the floor.  When he couldn’t get the metal piece back in place, he lined the condiments up and slammed the door shut again!  This caused the second shelf to lose it’s grip and out fell the final regiment of salad dressings and barbeque sauces!  So, in his inebriated state, Jerry just calmly arranged all of the condiments by the door to greet me when I arrived home.  I loved it.  Best story I’ve heard in awhile and I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you on how it all came to be.

I’ve been busy with my niece and nephew these past few weeks.  A great interruption to my ne’er do well status and a good way to get my mind, body and soul back into the habit of joining the real world before 8:00 am on a daily basis.  We’ve had gourmet breakfasts some mornings – waffles, pancakes, French toast, homemade oatmeal – other mornings, cereal and leftover waffles, pancakes and French toast.  We’ve baked cupcakes, cookies and muffins.  We’ve had a tea party to end all tea parties and have crafted things from popsicle sticks that I never dreamed possible!  We’ve crafted pots for planting flowers and made a lovely fairy garden that only needs a house for the fairies to live (and maybe a few fairies to arrive!).  This, our final week, is going to be quite a challenge to top all of the fun we have had.  The weather hasn’t been very nice, so there hasn’t been many days that we’ve been able to play outside and this week doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better.  We’ll be ok though – we certainly are a creative lot.  One day we did yoga and another we watched the local ballet practice.  We manage.  Sometimes all it takes is pulling out some paints and paper – even this old Aunt Sissy can manage to get into that!

I’ve certainly learned quite a bit from these two.  There is no reason not to do something. Things are clearly black and white.  There aren’t any “maybe’s” or “laters” – it’s “how” or “when”.  Also, don’t think you can fool them with “I forgot”….they smell your failure and will remind you and they will remind you often.  So, I’ve learned to brush up on my accountability and honesty – these two don’t cut me any slack…and I don’t deserve any slack.  I’ve been slacking too long.  They are also great at giving me advice.  I’ll ask them their opinions on things – like what I should wear or what job I should take and wow, I’ve gotten the best advice!    The 6 year old is very intuitive.  She likes to know all the facts before giving me her opinion.  I’m impressed with the questions she asks me.  One day while I was getting ready for an interview I asked her if I should wear the black sweater or the yellow one.  She looked me over, then asked me: “What kind of job is it?”  I told her that it was to be an assistant at a school. “What kind of school?”  I replied, “A school for children like you and your little brother.”  She looked me over again and thoughtfully asked, “Are the other people friendly?”  Not knowing where this was going, I replied, “Yes, the other people there are very friendly.”  Her face brightened and she smiled, “Then you should wear the yellow sweater.  I think its like sunshine and makes you look friendly like the sun.”  She was spot on.  I got the job.

Yeah, so in a couple of weeks I’ll be back in the land of taxpayers and working poor.  Surviving by the skin of my teeth and by the air I breathe.  Can you believe that I chose a job that requires I arrive at 6:45 am?  I know…me either.  I’m terrified.  I have another possibility in my back pocket that I’ll be exploring this afternoon, so I’m not fully resigned to 6:45 am quite yet.  However, I have to admit that the perks of the 6:45 am and low pay rate far outweigh anything that I’ve done in my life.  This particular job is, well, a leap in a direction that I never saw myself going.  After interviewing for the position, learning about the school, the families, the children, the staff and the position – I was in love.  The wage isn’t forever.  I will have opportunity to learn more and finish school.  I get to play – like, for real, PLAY!  Part of my interview was singing a song that I would typically sing to children…I about jumped out of my skin with happiness!  Who knew?  So, 6:45 am is the down side?  I don’t think its going to be my downfall. I think from the ashes that has been the past 4 years of my life the universe has answered me.  I’m being handed exactly what I’ve been asking for – I know what you are asking “What’s in your back pocket?”  We’ll see.  I think it’s just the final push in the right direction.  I’ll let you know.

For now, I’m off to try to pull myself together.  I’ve got to put an outfit together and I need my entourage to fix me up and set me to rights.  I’ve got to seek input from my 6 year old guru and get the approval from my 4 year old monk(ey).  They truly are the most honest people on the planet.  Everyone should have them when deciding what to do with their life.  Decisions would be made more quickly and with much less stress.  I guarantee everyone would dress like the sunshine and be happy!

Peace, love and light…





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