Condiment Regiment

When I arrived home late last night, all of the condiments that are normally kept in the door shelves of the refrigerator were lined up on the floor, counter and kitchen island.  Like they were standing guard – my very own condiment regiment.  I opened the fridge and saw that the metal parts that made the shelves “a shelf” in the door were on the floor.  The entire door was condiment free…hence the guards at my door upon my arrival.

Jerry was asleep, so I couldn’t ask him.  I fixed the shelves and put the condiments away (and I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures!).  I looked around to see if there was some sort of “accident,” but could not find any evidence of a large spill or breakage – only the broom against the island.  There were no towels with mystery liquid on them; no paper towels, no evidence of broken glass jars in the trash – nothing.  Just two shelves that were apart, a broom, and condiment  regiment lined up neatly guarding the kitchen.

When I got into bed with Jerry I slyly said, “Hey, big night here?”  He grumbled something and went back to sleep.  I didn’t catch him before he went off to work this morning, so still no explanation of the condiment guard.  When he got home later this morning, I didn’t say anything – I thought maybe he’d bring it up.  Nope.  He took a shower, hopped back into bed and we fell back to sleep.

Now.  Here I sit at almost 3:30 pm…he’s not said a word about the condiment regiment.  I’m so intrigued by this turn of events, but I’m also thrilled to know that something this crazy happened to someone else in this house that wasn’t me.  I think I’m moving closer to getting my very own ringtail…or at the very least dead raccoon.

If I ever find out what happened in our kitchen last night I will let you know – isn’t the suspense killing you????

OH, btw – I wasn’t home to witness any skittering, so Jerry may think that’s all in my head, but we’ll see about that too.

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